The Author

Simon Trask’s personal motto is “Creativity Meets Commerce.” A graphic designer by trade, he has learned business ownership and leadership through experience.

Simon is a small business founder, owner, advisor, broker, advocate, and mentor. His passion is to see small businesses grow notably and sustainably, because they are the heart and soul of every community.

Simon’s approach to business strategy is:


Business success begins by uncovering truth. That may be a pain point your customers experience, vernacular that your audience prefers, or a macro trend that becomes your North Star.


When you find purpose, it drives every decision. For brands, a clear purpose creates vision and establishes a strong foundation with the audience.


Understanding other people is key to connecting with them and sparking change. A brand must first relate to its audience and prove its worth before it can truly connect.


Connecting with people around us is what life is all about, and business is no exception. A brand is a living, active two-way relationship with an audience.


Growth can take many forms, and is the premier measuring stick for improvement. Measure, adjust, and repeat.


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  • One-On-One Advisory

Simon helps small business owners build a sustainable and lasting legacy. Small businesses are constantly pressured by corporate competition, changing technologies, political regulations, global affairs, and the Wall Street machine. It is a challenging time to own a business.

For Simon, small businesses keep small towns full of life and character. They are also the first to step up when funds need to be raised for a local cause. “Main Street” empowers individuals to unplug from the Wall Street corporate machine.

Lasting businesses are built on these principles:


Perception is reality, and authenticity is paramount to effective business communication.


Business is about finding needs and serving people. Honesty, humility and transparency pay off in the long run.


Human connection builds purpose, and tireless devotion to family, friends, clients, vendors and neighbors is worthy.


We are built to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, and investing in people yields unending dividends.


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